Code of Practice

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All members of the Gaming and Leisure Association of Ireland, regardless of the way in which they provide their services, agree to abide by the following core principles:

GLAI Code of Practice

  1. All customers must be over 18
    Member Clubs shall verify the age of any club applicant who appears to be under 18 years of age.
  2. All customers must  produce proof of age
    Any person wishing to join a member club must complete a membership form.
    Completed membership forms must be kept on file, alongside a photo taken at time of membership application by the club.
  3. All staff must ensure age verification is properly undertaken
    Acceptable ID is typically a valid passport, valid driving licence, valid Garda ID, or other appropriate documents obtained from a government source.
    No person will be accepted into the membership without first producing one of the above mentioned forms of ID.
    A one-off grace visit may be granted at the discretion of management.
  4. Any customer found to be underage must be immediately denied further access to members’ services
    Staff must be properly trained to prevent underage gambling on their premises.
  5. All staff must be properly trained to implement responsible gambling policies
    Staff must be provided with regular training sessions on the promotion of responsible gambling in clubs.
    Member clubs shall display contact details for appropriate help and advice centres in an open manner.
  6. All staff must be properly trained to identify problem gambling
    Member clubs shall make available reasonable assistance and guidance to club members or employees who are, or may be, affected by problems related to addictive gaming behavior.
    Any ‘at risk’ behavior which may require intervention should be noted and recorded by staff.
  7. All members must treat their customers fairly
    Each member club shall establish a Members’ Committee.
    Each club shall conduct business with integrity, courtesy and professionalism.
    Each club shall act with due care, skill and diligence at all times.
    Each club shall ensure that the accounts and funds of the club members are segregated from the club’s own funds.
    Social contact outside the club between employees and club members is not encouraged.
  8. Self-exclusion policies must be made available to all customers; an up-to-date register of self-excluded customers must be made available to staff
    Staff must know how to assist a club member complete a self-exclusion request form.
    Staff should provide the customer with a list of local community support groups, as set down in the GLAI Responsible gambling brochure.
    Member clubs of the GLAI should share their database of excluded or self-excluded members in accordance with best practice.
  9. Responsible gambling and self-help information must be made available at all times and to all customers
    GLAI members must make available to their members the GLAI Responsible Gaming Brochure, or a suitable alternative.
    The brochure should be prominently displayed at various locations on the premises so customers have discreet and easy access.
  10. Rules must be made clear to customers at all times
    Member clubs shall ensure that staff are properly trained and supervised so that games are conducted in a proper manner and in accordance with best practice.
  11. No credit should be extended to customers
    All payments for gambling undertaken must be paid for before the commencement of the game. No credit may be offered to customers.
    Staff must not provide credit or lend money to anyone for the purposes of gambling.
  12. Where relevant, no alcohol should be sold to customers
  13. All members must undertake to satisfy their legal obligations in accordance with the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism) Act 2010
    Member clubs will properly identify and verify the identity of their members.
    Member clubs will monitor unusual or suspicious transactions by individual club members, and report same to the Guards and the Revenue Commissioners when appropriate to do so.
  14. All members must appoint a Money Laundering Reporting Officer
    The Money Laundering Reporting Officer must receive all relevant training in order to carry out his / her role properly.
  15. All members must appoint a GLAI Code of Practice Compliance Officer
    The role of this officer must be to ensure compliance with the GLAI Code of Practice.
  16. All staff should be trained to monitor and report any unusual or suspicious transactions
    Member clubs should have 24-hour video recording of all activities within their club.
    All appropriate security measures should be taken to ensure staff and club members are safe.
  17. All members must be able to track and record all financial transactions undertaken by their customers
    A professional system of tracking and recording all financial transactions must be in place and frequently audited.
  18. All members must ensure that personal data of customers and staff is secure and is used in compliance with data protection rules
    Clubs must ensure that appropriate membership records are completed for each member. The Club should be able to demonstrate it has a bona fide club membership scheme.
    A professional and safe system needs to be put in place to record and store the personal data of customers. This system should comply with best practice under the data protection legislation.
  19. A complaints process for customers must be made available
    Clubs must have a complaint resolution procedure in place and available to its members.
    The resolution procedure must include a reporting mechanism for management.
    Staff should be trained in how to respond and resolve customer complaints.
  20. Advertising of services must comply with the relevant laws and must not be directed at people under the age of 18
    While clubs are permitted to advertise, they shall endeavour to ensure that advertising is not targeted at vulnerable groups nor is it false, misleading or deceptive.
    Where appropriate, positive responsible gambling messages should be incorporated in advertising and promotional material.
  21. All members must comply with health and safety requirements applicable to them
    All relevant staff shall receive training in health and safety requirements.
    Member clubs shall ensure that appropriate health & safety measures are in place for staff and club members (health & safety statement, fire certificates, pest control)
    Member clubs shall provide staff with a suitable rest area.
  22. All members must be tax compliant and fully audited on an annual basis
    Member clubs shall ensure their staff are properly recorded on a PAYE payroll system.
    Members shall ensure that all other appropriate taxes are paid in full.
    Members should be fully audited by an accredited financial professional.
  23. All members must have an appropriate and visible management team in place
    Members will ensure that those in charge of the operation of the clubs are of suitable character and integrity.
    The management team should comprise a CEO or Managing Director, a Financial Controller,  and a Gaming Manager or Pit Boss.
  24. All members must be equal opportunities employers
    Members are committed to treating everyone in the same way regardless of race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin. This includes the advertising, recruitment, and appointment of individuals to jobs, together with training, conditions of work, pay and in every other aspect of their employment.